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Joe Pulido
Freelance Website Services
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My name is Joe Pulido.
Creating Websites and providing solutions for your business.
Websites are digital windows to your business
A website can help you convert potential customers into sales
I do web design and develop the site from the ground up.
Just like architects build houses. Web design is important.
However, in order for the website to be successful you need
someone that knows about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
and responsive web design. Lucky for you I happen to know about
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Responsive Web Design.
Is your business slow because of Covid-19 Contact Via
to book a consultation online or feel free to Call 956-693-7586.


Encyclopedia App lets you search topics from Wikipedia without a web browser.
Encyclopedia App also supports reading mode which allows the user to listen to summary by
saving Wiki Summary into mp3. You can do a Wiki Search to find possible links to other great topics.
Encyclopedia app is cross-platform and works on Windows, Linux, and Android.

Website and Social Media. Monitor, Tablet, and Smartphone Image.

Responsive Layout:

responsive design image

Responsive Layouts to make your website look great on any device.
No more scrolling to look at your website on a mobile device.
Perfect size so customers can enjoy viewing on any device. Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop

Optimized for every Browser

Optimize for all legacy and modern web browsers. Such as Microsoft Edge,
Mozilla Fire Fox, Safari, Google Chrome, and the new Vivendi Browser.

Website Icons on all Devices

website icon for smartphone and pc

Website icons lets users revisit your website directly from the created shortcut icon.
Plus the shortcut website icons makes your website look unique and professional.

Websites for Business's

If you are an entrepreneur and are in need of new customers a website
is a great way to acquire new customers. With built in maps and gps location customers can find your business.
Show off your products, services, and portfolio. Everything is 100% custom for your needs.

Let me know about your project.

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