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Welcome to my blog site where I talk about technology, web design, and cryptocurrency.

This site features articles pertaining to Technology, Web Design, and Cryptocurrency in general. My passion for using technology to help empower businesses and people with knowledge. Articles will be updated monthly. I hope you can consider supporting this site by whitelisting the domain from receiving ads.

5 Reasons Small Business Need Website

In this day in age, it is imperative to own a website for your business regardless if it's family based, small, medium, or noncorporate. This blog 5 reasons Small Business, Medium Business, and Non-Corporate will help to encourage you to get a custom website.

Every Business needs a website. Small, Medium, or Big. Click here to continue Reading.

Artificial Intelligence: The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Artificial Intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution.
The jobs of today could be obsolete tomorrow.
Find out which jobs will be in the list. Visit Blog

Should You Invest on BitCoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that could be the future of making payments but should you invest on it find out here.

5 Reasons a Custom Website is better than Pre-Installed Templates

Custom website is better than Pre-installed Templates for five reasons
from performance,speed,growth,clean code, and hacker proof.
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Android Pie Arrives New Operating System With New Features Find out More

Android 9.0 better known as Android Pie. Arrives on Google Pixel. The successor to Android Oreo is finally out to the public. Andriod Pie Packs on new features.

Adobe flash is being phased out

RIP Flash PhotoAdobe Flash is being Phased Out due to security exploits and incompatabilies with smartphones.
Find out what you need to do to keep yourself safe and others as well.
Find out more

Batman Calculator

Batman Calculator AdBatman Calculator Windows 10. Calculator themed with the cape crusader from the DC Universe. App lets you solve problems has pie functionality as well as exponents and ability to change themes from characters in Batman universe.

Is Facebook Free?

Facebook Data PrivacyHave you ever wondered how Mark Zuckerberg makes his billions if it costs nothing to use Facebook?
This article will bring insight in how Facebook makes it's money. Find out more.

Android vs Windows Phone

Android vs Windows Phone ImageAndroid vs Windows Phone blog describing the differences between both smartphone operating systems made by two giant corporations Google and Microsoft. How they are similar and how they differentiate. Apps shouldn't be the only factor when deciding a good operating system.