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Batman Calculator Windows 10

Author: Joe Pulido 8/14/2018

Batman Calculator

Batman Calculator for Windows 10 was ported from Windows phone 8.1. The app is based on DC Universe cape crusader Batman. The app is themed with characters from the Batman Universe. The app lets users solve problems with the cape crusader. From simple arithmetic problems such as adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying to solving exponents, square roots, and pi for circumference of circle.

Batman Calculator for Windows 10 is a Windows Universal Platform app which basically means it runs on any Windows 10 device. Ranging from Windows 10 PC, Tablets, Holographic devices such as HoloLens, and Windows Mobile 10. Since it’s initial release the app has been updated with easier navigation menu and glitch fixes. Batman Calculator even rounds off answer to give you prices after tax’s when grocery shopping.

Batman Calculator was created with Visual Basic and XAML. The design was made with XAML while the functionality was made with Visual Basic. Since it’s launch on Windows 10 the app has received over 4,000 downloads. Hope you guy’s try out the app and download from Windows Store on Windows 10 and for those that have downloaded the app make sure to leave your comment on the bottom. Make sure to share on Facebook and keep the conversation going.

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