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Android Pie Arrives New Operating System With New Features Find out More

Author: Joe Pulido 8/10/2018

Android 9.0

Android Pie is officially out of beta and out to the public. Android Pie is available on the Google Pixel. The update should be available over the air via the system update. No need to enroll on beta. Android Pie has many new features such as always on display with time and weather.

You now don’t have to jump past your lock screen. Swiping is a new navigation system with a back button. It’s called swipe up on the home button and can be found on gestures via settings. Swiping up gets you to app navigation. To dismiss app swipe app up. Notification panel looks different than Android Oreo and supports theme color support.

You can force it to light or dark. The icons are bigger than other versions of Android. Functionality hasn’t really changed just gotten bigger icons. Android Pie has an adaptive battery and starts learning as you use the phone for example apps you don’t really use will be turning off some app services to limit battery usage. The sound has a separate ring volume and call volume on Android Pie.

Google is also adding Digital Well Being, so you can set app timers to limit usage of apps. Track usage of apps and tells you how much YouTube you’re watching. Helps you to get to bed on time by telling you is time to turn off the phone. Android Pie is using artificial intelligence to make usage smarter and help with sleeping hygiene.

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