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Adobe Flash is being phased out

Author: Joe Pulido 8/10/2018

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Adobe Flash is technology that was used for multimedia on the web. Adobe Flash was released in January 1, 1996. To insert videos on the web you needed a plug in called Adobe Flash which required users to download the Adobe plug in from Adobe website. Back in Web 1.0 it was needed to view videos on the websites. However, this changed with the modernization of Smart Phones (iPhone and Android). Introduction to Web 2.0 meant viewing of the web would be done on smartphones more often than in desktop’s which meant new web technologies. Apple and Google at the time did not support Flash for viewing videos on the smartphone operating system which meant that videos would not play back from the web on smartphones.

To help with the conundrum the World Wide Web Consortium introduced HTML 5 in October 8, 2014. The new website technology enables users to embedded videos into their website without the need of Adobe Flash Plug in allowing users to view videos on their smartphones. HTML 5 supports native smart phone codecs such as MP4 and MOV to name a few. Adobe Flash isn’t just being replaced because of the lack of support on smart phones but also because of security issues. Adobe Flash suffers from exploits which cause malware to enter your computer and take control of your system. If that not spooky enough just wait till the imposter takes control of your web cam.

No, need to worry though because Web Browser vendors such as Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, and Opera are jumping in the anti-Adobe Flash band wagon. The only browser right now that supports flash video and animations out of the box is Internet Explorer by Microsoft. Shouldn’t have to tell you to stop using that web browser since it no longer receiving updates from Microsoft. Out of the box Microsoft Edge has Adobe Flash disabled from websites. If a website requires flash, you will be prompted if you want to enable Adobe Flash but please do so at your own risk. Instead organizations and businesses should redesign their websites using the latest technologies HTML 5 and CSS 3.

To enable accessibility to embedded videos from their websites on smart phones and prevent casualties getting malware on their systems. By redesigning your website using the latest technologies you can prevent attacks from an endpoint. Adobe is planning on killing Adobe Flash Player in 2020. This means that websites using the technology are going to be vulnerable to malicious attacks but also put others at risk by infecting systems. Get ready for the Adobe Flash apocalypse by hiring a freelance web designer. Custom Website, better security, and unique designs. Stand out call:956-693-7586. Remember Adobe is being phased out.