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Artificial Intelligence: The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Author: Joe Pulido 12/30/2017

Artificial Image

Arpanet was the backbone of the internet. Developed primarily for military communications and strategy. Arpanet held many possibilities which soon came to be realized by one physicist named Tim Burners-Lee. With experience in early computer science and concept behind hyperlinks was the early days of the world wide web as we know today. Later with the help of an intern and the creation of first web browser known as tomato Tim Burners-Lee programming language came to life and brought with it the world wide web. Websites that could display pictures, videos, text, color, and sound. Unlike the early days of Arpanet where you could only distribute text.

This provided the opportunity for web developers and entrepreneurs with endless possibilities. To shift retail online known as e-commerce. To create a new medium for connectivity and communications such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace. The world wide web also known as the internet has brought the world more connected. Countryside counties could now purchase stuff that could only be found on their nearest city and companies could reach customers outside the country. As the world, wide web speeds increased so did innovation. Game consoles now had online multiplayer capabilities and so someone from one side of the United States could play against someone from the other side of Mexico.

Although e-commerce continues to dominate in today’s market the technology still has its caveats. Such as when purchasing clothes online sometimes you might get wrong measurements and must return the product. All that is being solved today with artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is being implemented on websites allowing customers to take a picture and the artificial intelligence could gather the exact measurements based on body weight and stature. With the internet and through Machine Learning society has gained its fourth Industrial Revolution artificial intelligence. Computers have learned how to have visual sense like a human being. Computers now have the capability to identify an animal and animal breed. Artificial intelligence is already being embraced by top technology companies in and outside Silicon Valley.

Like Microsoft Corporation which goal is to democratize artificial intelligence so that others can use artificial intelligence to make the robots help humans. Some fields in which artificial intelligence is being tested is in the medical industry in which many believe can help eliminate human made errors which are number one reasons for death in hospitals. Artificial intelligence can identify diseases with the help of recorded documentation from past infections. Automating the symptoms checking process preventing human error. Another industry in which artificial intelligence is being used is the driving industry. Companies like Google, Nvidia, BMW, and Audi are testing out self- driving cars. Many speculate that one day the driver license will become obsolete. One day using Uber would be a lot cheaper for a college student than purchasing a car. In the future owning a car will not be needed.

With companies like Uber car sharing service you no longer would need to learn how to drive. Uber recently purchased Volvo and are currently implementing self-driving technologies in them. So, one day even the employed Uber driver will be out of a job. Streamlining profits for Uber and helping customers get around town safely. Uber also purchased Otto a self-driving Truck Startup company. Artificial Intelligence will automate other processes including retail. Amazon, for example, is trying out cashier fewer stores. The customer will just enter store grab product and when walking out from store their credit card will be charged.

Like any other revolution, the revolution changes the workforce eliminating some jobs and creating others. Many are afraid of this revolutionary change because no one is entirely ready for such a shift. Artificial Intelligence is another paradigm in the workforce. Before you would hear instructors telling kids that staying in school was important because you would get a higher paying job but now with artificial intelligence coming full swing even white-collar jobs are no longer security proof. It’s estimated that careers, where work is repetitive, can be replaced with artificial intelligence eliminating human error and saving companies millions. Which will result in the layoffs in careers like Accounting, and Paralegal. These jobs do require a higher education degree which will mean that sometime in the future people that thought about going into this field might want to reconsider changing careers.

On the other hand, Artificial Intelligence might eliminate some of the most reputable blue-collar and white-collar jobs but will bring newer jobs that require new skill sets. Such as computer engineering, programming, and computer science. With a concentration in machine learning. To continue expanding on Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will be beneficial ways such as eliminating human errors, assisting the elderly, and helping humans be more productive by handling the repetitive stuff freeing humans to do more planning, researching, and plan strategies for what’s ahead.

Artificial Intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution. This new technology will liberate humans from mundane tasks and allow industries in the medical field, technology, economics, and science to do more. To prepare for the future and obtain a future-proof career it’s suggested to look for a career in teaching, sciences, medicine, and technology which are still growing careers for the future. Like the internet Artificial Intelligence will disrupt many business, bring innovation, and help accelerate research.

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