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5 Reasons Custom Website is Better than Pre-Installed Templates

Joe Pulido: Author 02/7/2018

These days it’s easy for anyone to create websites with the assistance of doing it yourself services like WIX, Squarespace, and WordPress to name a few. However, easy comes with a price. You might want to get the website up and running as fast as possible but that usually tends to come with the price of speed, responsiveness, and SEO penalties. Not too mention getting your website hacked since the source code is being used in other templates as well. Allow me to enlighten you on why building a custom website is better than using pre-installed templates.

Website Speedometer
1. Speed: Most do it yourself websites come with the convenience of not needing to know how to code but that just leads to a problem altogether. Those services are great at letting you choose a template however that is where the problem begins. The service just dumps the entire code onto the HTML file causing slower than usual load times. The web browser has a mechanism that converts the code into the content we see on web pages. The mechanism is known as the DOM. If for example all the cascading style sheets, HTML, and JavaScript is dumped in the HTML file. The DOM will have to load from the top down. That could mean a huge difference on devices with less ram and slower connections. With a custom website, the code can be separated as they were meant to be. For instance, HTML for the content, CSS for the layout, and JavaScript for the behavior of the website. This way the DOM could process the files parallel to each other making the pages load faster and be more responsive. Giving users with slower internet connections or low powered devices the best possible experience with faster load times.

originality image
2. Originality: Custom website lets you have a website that is distinctive from the rest. From the buttons to the layout, to the behaviors. Search engines also love originality the newer the content the higher Search Engine Rankings you will acquire.

ownership image ninjas
3. Own the website: Also, you get to own the website if say for example Square Space goes out of business and you were using their services then your website will go down as well. Worst case without a backup of the website you will have to use another service and start from scratch. This will also hurt your SEO rankings. Costing you money and time.

Growth Business Image
4. Growth: With a custom website you could continue adding features as your business grows. For example the website could be a simple brochure and eventually as your business grows you can turn that website into an app for e-commerce functionality. You can then rent a server with more resources as your user base grows. At flexible pricing.

hack proof code image
5. Hacker Proof: With a custom website comes custom code which is a lot harder for black hat hackers to deface. Also, since the code is a one in a million they tend to favor the website less to hack. On the other hand, a website that uses pre-installed templates is easier to hack and they can hack millions since other people were using the same source code. Chances of getting hacked with a custom website are lower than a pre-installed template.

As you can see Custom Website is a lot better than Pre-Installed Templates because the code can be segregated to harness parallel processing for faster load times, originality, owning the website, growth, and hacker proofing your business. All these factors give you a better Search Engine Optimization helping your business rank higher on search engines and giving you web traffic. Of course, obtaining a custom website doesn’t have to be daunting like learning how to code you can always call a professional to help you with that. If you are interested in a custom website give me a call 956-693-7586

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